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5 Reasons to Develop Your Web Designs in Bootstrap

in Bootstrap, Review on May 24, 2021

Bootstrap is an open-source project originally built for Twitter. It is one of the popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript front-end frameworks for developing responsive, mobile-first web apps. 

Bootstrap has so many premade elements like Buttons, Forms, Tables, Dropdowns and so on that can be integrated in website and applications with a single code base.

Getting Started:

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Bootstrap

01 – Ease to use

Bootstrap is very easy to use and understand. It comes with basic HTML and CSS templates. Since it comes with ready to use blocks of code, it is easier to collaborate the templates based on your requirement. So that we can say that building a website with bootstrap so easy.

02 – Layout Grid system is a huge advantage

The Grid system of Bootstrap is responsive and allows up to 12 columns across a page. It has 4 different classes depending on the device and can be combined with one another to create flexible layouts.

With bootstrap grid you can easily create your own web design elements. This is where the grid system of Bootstrap comes in handy.

03 – HTML/CSS element makes it easier

A website includes many elements heading, table, buttons, labels etc. HTML and CSS have made template designing a smooth sailing experience for all the designers out there. As Bootstrap is a HTML and CSS front-end framework.

Some of the styles provided by Bootstrap are Buttons, Code, Forms, Icon, Images, Tables and Typography.

04 – JavaScript plugins easily integratable

JavaScript plugins when integrated effectively can bring to life the components included. Bootstrap provides almost a dozen JavaScript plugins to make designing easier.Adding and integrating these plugins to the website design is also very simple. 

Some of plugins are:

  • Collapse
  • Carousel
  • Modal
  • Wow Js

05 – Good Support

Bootstrap is an open-source project hosted on Github. Since it hosted on Github it is a large community with friendly support and is regularly updated. Currently, there are 16,475 commits, as well as almost 868 contributors.

They also have a blog that is home to many solved queries. The core advantage of Bootstrap is that even if you aren’t well versed with HTML and CSS you will be able to create web apps using it.



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