6 Woocommerce payment gateways on WordPress


Are you started to woo-commerce store, but don’t know what the role is Woocommerce payment gateways in your online store?

Today, I will be going to talk about woo-commerce payment gateways with any eCommerce store or online store. Popular Woo-commerce gateways options such as stripe, Paypal, Woo-commerce payment, and many more.

Now a day, WordPress online store is popular and easy to manages every element, product item and many more. It is called the woo-commerce store and easy to grow your business.

Some WordPress SEO plugin helps to grow your search ranking, and reach your customers higher & better conversion rate. These plugins you can download for free such as Yoast SEO, Google search console, Rank Math, SEOPress, and many more.

Many woocommerce payment gateways options are available but these gateways allow to charge every transaction using the woo-commerce store.

Transaction fees, other charges are applying included on payment option but some companies, not you have to pay other charges. And some recurring payment services also.

Most popularwoocommerce payment gateways you should integrate transaction option in eCommerce stores:-


woocommerce payment gateways

Paypal is the most popular online banking services around the Globe for eCommerce stores. This is the best place to support all types of business services such as personal, business, and eCommerce stores.

It is suitable for website payments, B2B payments, Freelancers, and many more eCommerce businesses.

It is available in many countries but in some countries, there are not allowed to PayPal for their services.

Paypal charges sales that you make and type of your account what you created.It is very helpful and grate impact for your business.

2.Woo-commerce PayPal pro

Woo-commerce Paypal pro is a woo-commerce paid extension product. It builds for better check out options for customers, Customers have complete to purchase without leaving your website. It is the best extension for your business.

This extension is developed by the folks behind WooCommerce.Paypal merchant account is need to start with this extention avilable for UK, US, and Canada.

This product is subscription based not for recurring payments.79$ billed annually.

3.Woo-commerce payments

Woo-commerce payments are a great solution to integrate your eCommerce store. This is the better checkout options and payment gateways integrate for your store.

Only woo commerce products available for US-based merchants who sell their products in U.S dollars. This product is not more expensive than other gateways.


Authorize.Net is another popular payment gateway method. Available for merchants located in Australia, Europe,United Kingdom, United States.

Using credit card check out options for your customers included in woo commerce extensions.so, you can’t worry about that. While your customers securely payments do not leave your website the time of the transaction process.

Woo-commerce Extention supports Recurring payment options for your customers.


woocommerce stripe

Stripe is the most popular payment gateway option for your website. They provide credit card payments. Credit & debit all cards are accepted.

Stripe supports 135+ currencies with 40+ countries.so, It is the best option to choose your best payment gateways. This is the best check out experience for your customers.

Customers without leaving your website during the check out page. It is very user friendly and works with any devices such as mobile, laptop, desktop. They allows them to pay charges for transactions.


Square is the best payment gateway for your business and woo-commerce store. It is acceptable for the recurring payment options. It is the best getaway you have to choose.

Square is available in many popular countries such as UK, Japan, Australia, America, Canada. It allows transaction fee and fixed transaction rate offers are available.

Hope some great idea about payment getaways for your business or online store. This is very important to integrate every transaction option in your customer’s check out page.

Before you create an e-commerce store or shop your need to know about payment gateway features and their changes, or recurring payment methods, and many more, that can help to compare one payment gateway to another.

And choose right Woocommerce gateways for your online store.

so, please comment below in below description, We hope this article is helpful to choose the best woocommerce payment gateways.



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