The 15 Best & Creative Free WordPress Themes

01 – Breviter

WordPress is the most popular way to create a professional-looking website. Some of the WordPress themes are free & most of the theme is premium. So in this blog, we will talk about 15 best free WordPress themes to help you to choose your ideal theme.

02 – Shapely

Shapely offers everything you need to manage your online e-commerce site: responsive design and spectacular visual effects. Plus, you don’t need any special coding skills to create a custom site built for your business model.

03 – Zillah

If you’re looking for an unlimited color palette, super fast load times, and a theme that includes author boxes in every post, consider Zillah. Perfect for bloggers and social influencers, Zillah includes custom widget and logo features and is SEO friendly, so you’ll spend less time fine-tuning your content for publication.

04 – Venture Lite

Venture Lite is a flat design that checks all the boxes. It is mobile friendly, sleek, and full of features to give your site visitors access to your content without a lot of fuss. Plus, the eye-catching social media buttons attract attention without distracting your readers.

05 – Business

Business does everything the name implies. Easily set up a storefront with pricing options, a blog, custom menu options, and employee profile pages. Keep the user interface simple with this theme.

06 – iMAX

Make things simple. With the iMAX theme you get live edit capabilities, an easy shortcode generator, and more back-office tools that make customizing your website quick and easy and allow you to update your content on the fly.

07 – iTek

Looking for a business and commerce site that lets you do some really good things with transitions? Think iTek. It’s compatible with WooCommerce and other marketing tech and gives you a plethora of built-in tools to give your site visitors a phenomenal shopping experience.

08 – Magazine

Are you ready to publish an online magazine or information site? You may want to take a closer look at Magazine. This is another flat design for modern publishing enterprises like news and editorial sites. Create a professional appearance fully optimized for mobile viewing and desktop screens. Custom widgets included with the theme make it a perfect fit for any type of content.

09 – Trends

Trends is an exceptional free theme for people who want to present a professional image — think real estate brokers, property management companies, and freelance journalists. With features like predefined templates, shortcuts, and post slider options for visually stunning elements, Trends gives you all the basics, plus a full suite of add-ons to get visitors to take the next step after browsing your site. Translation-ready capabilities are a bonus for people who draw attention from global audiences.

10 – Food Hunt

For restaurant owners and foodies, the FoodHunt theme makes sense. The spectacular color options and high-res image capabilities help you present your local favorites in the best light possible. Add in ingredients like flexibility, automatic adjustments for small devices, and a menu plugin that allows you to effortlessly create on-site menus, and you have the perfect recipe for success.

11 – Obsidian

Singers, songwriters, cover artists, and DJs love Obsidian. Why? Well, it might be the optional site-wide player anchored at the bottom of your custom screens, or how easy it is to access a playlist with a toggle switch. Maybe it is the simplicity and function that you let truly showcase your music and your brand. If you want to share original music with fans, this WordPress theme is ideal.

12 – Goran

There are dozens of options out there for temporary site projects. If you’re looking for a theme to announce an upcoming wedding, broadcast info about a high school reunion, or get your family involved in planning an anniversary, consider Goran. It is super simple, which means you won’t have to find the tech guru in the family to get online fast. Plus, the theme comes with standard features like the automatic display in your menu when you link to social sites. Icons for most social sites are included, too.

13 – Hueman

Spas, hotels, travel agents, and travel bloggers have at least one thing in common — they want to promote their amenities with high-res graphics, price lists, on-site search, maps, and anything else that will make it easy for site visitors to engage with their brand both on- and off-line. Bloggers (both independent and those promoting a destination property) will find that Hueman has everything you need to inspire others to get out there and experience the world. This theme is all about visual appeal.

14 – Moesia

We think Moesia deserves a look if you want a theme to help you build a fully-customized website that resonates with your audience. Based on a “building block” type layout, you can add all the elements you want without overwhelming your fans with a cluttered mess. Customize each block with unique colors and background features to make it easy to showcase your content in style.

15 – GeneratePress

GeneratePress is a lightweight — less than 1MB zipped — mobile-responsive WordPress theme built to load quickly and fly up search results pages. It’s also compatible with major plugins, like WooCommerce and Elementor. And as an added bonus, it’s mobile and tablet responsive.

And there you go — fifteen fantastic and free WordPress themes! Remember, choosing a WordPress theme doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a design that doesn’t work. You can easily change themes in the future if you decide to alter the look of your brand or want a fresh look.

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