10 Must Have Modern WordPress Themes

The first thing that pops out at a user when they arrive at a website’s landing page is the visual style. That initial impact can make or break a user’s first impression, so it’s extremely important to get the visual theme right. We’ve put together 10 modern-styled WordPress themes that can be used to make sure any user will want to keep reading!

1. Rainy – a personal blog theme

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Rainy is a perfect platform for presenting photos and blog posts in a clean, simple format, which ensures your blog is both easy on your users’ eyes, while still providing a stylistic touch to the format. With an endless stream of custom widgets, color options and an easy-to-use design, this theme from PRThemes is a must-have for any aspiring blogger.

2. TPG Photographgy – a theme for aspiring photographers

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With a wide-spanning image layout, the TPG Photography theme is perfect for photographers wishing to feature their work in a simple, yet eye-catching way. The theme features single colour bursts across the page, which harmonize perfectly with the muted backdrop and menus. With four color template styles, each expresses a different emotion to perfectly match your portfolio’s hue.

3. Coffee Shop – a culinary theme

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Before any food is eaten, diners will first experience the visual impact of each dish, the presentation of every component and how they interact with one another. Coffee Shop is an excellent design for displaying visual innovation in the culinary world, with minimal setup and plug-ins required, meaning you can construct a culinary visual feast with little effort. Menu and Gallery options will all allow you to entice diners and whet their appetites.

4. Aquari – a luxury hotel theme

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When you first step foot in a luxury hotel, there is a moment of breathtaking wonder, as you marvel at the spectacle of the building before you. Aquari takes that feeling of childish glee and perfectly personifies it with what is a luxury theme.
From the sleek, simple layout, to the sprawling canvas photos, Aquari provides a perfect point of entry for potential guests; with additional plug-ins available, such as an integrated Instagram feed andthe WPBakery Page Builder, this theme will deliver a seamless visiting experience for your guests, just as they would expect from your hotel.

5. VW Hospital Pro – a medical theme

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Potential patients that are seeking hospital care, regardless of the reason, are seeking comfort and a positive experience in their recovery. The VW Hospital Pro theme ensures that, upon first arriving on the page, the patient feels at ease; with soft blue and orange hues, the theme highlights key areas without being overly harsh on the eyes, as well as presenting large canvas areas to be filled with images of the location.
The theme also allows for key features, such as appointment bookings, query sections and database searches, to be placed in an easy-to-find and accessible area for patients. Even the slightest confusion can lead to doubt about a potential hospital stay, so ensuring a simple, yet effective design, is of paramount importance and this theme delivers perfectly.
The VW Hospital Pro theme also allows for the use of popular plug-ins, such as Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce.

6. Adrift – a navigation theme

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For travelers of the world, sharing moments is just as important as experiencing them. Whether it’s a perfect picture of a sunrise or a selfie on top of a mountain, being able to properly document your travels can set the tone for your entire website.
Adrift uses a seamless integration of MapifyPro, a plug-in that allows you to directly add maps of all styles, creates a perfect tool for demonstrating and guiding users through your trips. With the mixture of galleries and location plotting, any creator with Adrift on their side can bring their users along with them, every step of the way.

7. OneLine – a multi-purpose theme

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If you’re looking for a multi-faceted, customizable design, then OneLine might be the perfect choice for you. With a swathe of customization options, including colors, overlays and ordering features, this theme allows you to take what is already a sleek, modern base and turn it into something unique for your website.
The speciality of OneLine is its ability to morph into the creator’s vision and, despite it having so many options for non-commercial users, there is also WooCommerce support, which allows you to setup a shop for any goods you might want to list.

8. Education Booster Pro – an education theme

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When trying to create an education-based website, its important to appeal to different groups that can have wildly different interests and tastes, mainly due to the age gap between potential students, teachers and parents. The Education Booster Pro theme functions as an extremely customizable tool with which creators can appeal to any potential user; despite a minimalistic base, the custom post formats and widgets, as well as unlimited color options, allow for an educational hub to be created to reach all ages.
On top of the base customization options, the theme features mass plug-in and external input support, with WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, HTML 5 and CSS3 all available to create the perfect website.

9. Pixie Consulting – a consultancy theme

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As a profession, consultancy is about bringing something new to the table, an idea that wasn’t there before. The Pixie Consulting theme has managed to do this to the WordPress-theme world, with an incredibly customizable, business-specific theme. With top business plug-ins, such as Slider Revolution and WooCommerce, available, presenting ideas and content has never been easier for business.

10. MinervaKB – a help center theme

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If your goal is to create a central database of knowledge to help people, ease of access and clarity will be top priorities for your website; MinervaKB brings both of these to the table, with the theme being centered around the top-selling MinervaKB Plugin.
There are 12 pre-made support site templates that feature a variety of styles for your specific databases, as well as live-search tools to ensure users can find exactly what they need. With forum and FAQ modules included, as well as an automatic Table of Contents with ScrollSpy, this theme is perfect for ensuring every question has the right answer following closely behind.

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